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Required Reading, MILO-Wise.

A lot of really good things have been said about MILO, but just think of us as your ticket to PR performances, and you'll get the picture. And that's why we're the first choice not just among world and Olympic champions, but also among guys who get glassy-eyed trying to squat 300 x 20 in their basements and who, besides lifting and throwing, think bending nails and hoisting stones are a good time.

The fact that MILO comes in book form is the first clue that this isn't another run-of-the-mill newsstand bodybuilding magazine or quirky newsletter. MILO is a 128-page 6" x 9" book packed with training information, contest reports, people stories, and plenty of photos to both instruct and inspire you to new personal records. Lifters, throwers, strongmen, Highland Games heavies, arm wrestlers, and gripsters are among our readers, but we've got something for everyone who just plain likes to train for strength.

Because MILO was founded on a love of strength, first and foremost, it is built to last. Each and every issue offers sound, solid information fused with spirit and inspiration. Take a look at the Tables of Contents to see what interests you--there should be a number of articles at first glance. And keep an open mind: many of our readers who are, say, powerlifters or martial artists, have been inspired, challenged, and instructed by articles about strongman or Olympic-style weightlifting.

To help you, we have also gathered some of our articles by topic. They are on our website at Take a look to see which issues have articles by Dr. Ken Leistner (answer: every one of them!) or about odd lifts or strongman greats. Want to try Olympic weightlifting? Need powerlifting advice? Like working out with dumbbells? It's all there.

MILO: A Journal for Serious Strength Athletes. Our name says it all.


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